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Why Choose Pinterest to
Market your Brand

Pinterest is the most sophisticated visual discovery engine in the world, and is the largest free traffic-driving tool for interactive marketing.


Shopping Intent

Pinterest has 5x more shopping intent than any other social media platform.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the nature of Pinterest is future-focused, with 97% of users seeking inspiration from non-branded products.


Long Shelf Life

Unlike other platforms where your content is buried under a constantly updating feed, Pinterest pins rank organically.

Say goodbye to short-lived ads and get ready for high-ROI pins that are evergreen, bringing traffic to your brands for months, even years later.


Cost Effective

Due to the lower competition of Pinterest Marketing, Cost-per-click (CPC) is 40% less than comparable platforms.

Leverage Pinterest Ads to reach a larger audience, with a 2.3x lower cost-per-conversion rate compared to other platforms.


Full-account Management

We provide A-to-Z Pinterest marketing services, so you can focus on growing your business.


Viral Images

We create optimized images from scratch & scroll-stopping videos that separate you from the crowd.



We write compelling SEO content that is designed to convert, gaining traction for your brands.


Ad Monitoring

We meticulously track the performance of your pins to strategically update them to improve conversions.


We offer Full-Account Management & Pinterest Ads

We deliver refined Pinterest Marketing with data-driven results. We offer brand-centric content and ad campaign monitoring.

Why Brands
Trust Us

We pride ourselves in our professional procedure for serving our clients most effectively.


Expert Team

We bring together top-level teams of pinterest strategists, analytic experts, account specialists, & digital designers to build the best Pinterest marketing plan for your business.

Marie O'Shea, CEO & Founder, has been deemed an industry-leading expert in the field of Pinterest Marketing.


Full Transparency

Our services operate with full transparency in mind. We let you know exactly how your account is run and the reasons behind the decisions we make.

We are committed to growing your brands with an ethical conscience and drive.


Constantly Innovating

Pinterest is constantly changing, so we see the importance of staying on top of trends and adapting to its ever-evolving algorithm.

At Pinning Bees, we have marketing strategists that stay on top of these changes to keep your content relevant over time.

Our Work

Our results speak for themselves.

Pinning Bees case studies shows extremely consistent results, with 100% of pins receiving at least 9,000 impressions and ranging to 25k impressions.

Viral Pins


Pinning Bees case studies shows extremely consistent results, with 100% of pins receiving at least 9,000 impressions and ranging to 25k impressions.

3D Rendering


Our flagship content format is this stunning 3D rendering of your product displayed included in a scroll-stopping animation video.

Case Study


This is another case study where we received 19 million impressions in less than 3 months. This is a result of our data-driven strategies.


The Pinning Bees have dramatically opened up our business opportunities through their expertise, understanding, and tireless efforts to help us find competitive edges against our competitors. Since we recently started Pinterest services, sales have already increased by 20%, and we have increased our brand authority amongst a warmed up audience that are ready to buy our products. Excited to see what's to come!

Alison Collins


We are very pleased with The Pinning Bees' level of understanding of Pinterest marketing. In addition, their holistic understanding of our company needs and goals is nothing short of remarkable. They have really become a great asset to our marketing team.

Pat Reiss


The Pinning Bees have taken time to learn our industry, which is a bit afield of their normal clientele. They have created a full funnel content strategy that has given us excellent results on Pinterest. I've worked with many agencies throughout my career, The Pinning Bees is top notch and gives me confidence that we'll keep getting where we want to go.

Cheri Anderson


Display your Brand
on Pinterest Today

Display your
Brand on
Pinterest Today

Pinterest can help keep your brand ranked organically forever. Stay relevant with long-lasting Pins on Pinterest.

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Does my business need to be a certain size to work with the Pinning Bees agency?


Your brand does need to be a suitable fit for the demographics of the Pinterest platform and a certain size for it to be worth it to work with us. If you're curious if you're a good fit, please fill out our application, and we can perform a free analysis on your brand!

How long does Pinterest advertising take to see results?


Since Pinterest is a platform to plan the future, Pinterest advertising is a longer buying cycle. It's always our hope that our clients are so pleased with the results we deliver, that we develop a long term business relationship.

How will The Pinning Bees move people from the planning stage to buying?


Because the Pinterest platform offers the unique opportunity for full-funnel marketing, we are able to leverage the strategies we've been perfecting over the years. We build out strategies, and campaigns to ensure that we have the message, the right targeting, and pin creative to hit every touchpoint in the buyer's journey.

Does The Pinning Bees agency work with other platforms as well?


Definitely. We also manage Facebook, and Instagram advertising. It's best to keep all social media management under the one roof to keep congruent with corporate themed branding and marketing messages. Please reach out to our customer service team if you would like to learn more.

Which Niches are best for Pinterest advertising?


The current most popular niches on PInterest are: Pets, Art, Home Decor, Health, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education, Hair & Beauty, Women's Fashion, Travel, Sport, Electronics, Gardening, Wedding, Children's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Food & Drinks. Because we are experts at marketing to all audiences in all niches, we believe that businesses who serve any of these target markets will do great.

Where is The Pinning Bees Agency Located & What Makes You Different?


We are based out of Seattle, WA in the USA, and have teams that work remotely. The Pinning Bees is rapidly becoming the #1 Pinterest marketing agency for businesses all around the world. We create a solid foundation for all of our successful clients, and employ a highly creative team that launches stunning visuals with engaging SEO copy to bring optimum results.

Why is Pinterest better than Amazon for Google PPC?


1. Ads are up to 40% cheaper on Pinterest than many other marketplaces.

2. Transactions from customers aren't a one-off, like Google or Amazon. Once Pinterest users discover a brand that they're happy with, they become big brand advocates.

3. Pinterest users spend 85% more in retail than people off-Pinterest.

4. Pinterest offers a Full funnel solution for brands Vs Amazon and Google Ads. Sellers share relevant content with Pinners at every stage of their journey.

5. Users have a future-mindset which is valuable as an advertising platform.

6. 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are non-branded, users are primed to act, and ready to buy.

Why is Pinterest a better option than other Social Media platforms?


1. Unlike other Social media platforms, Pinterest encourages outbound links. Pinterest is the best open source platform for all SM and marketplaces, and a fantastic source of evergreen free traffic.

2. Big brands are ignoring Pinterest, they chase after the quick wins from dopamine hitting platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. Spikes in sales from these platforms can be devastating to a business if they don't maintain proper inventory management, and scaling steadily can be an issue.

3. Pinterest is far more powerful for long tail SEO like marketing than any other Social Media platform. Highly specific keyword targeting results in more conversions, sales and growth of a business for the long term

4. Pinterest Pins don't interrupt like with other social media Ads. Pins encourage engagement, they inspire, they aren't distracting, they are the ultimate decision making tool.

5. Pinterest offers the best source of evergreen traffic. Unlike other social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram content doesn't get buried in the feed, it continually gets reshared. People interact with pins for months, even years after posting them. Pins continually grab attention.

6. Pinterest creatives reap the highest ROI (return on investment) than any other social media platform. The lifespan of a Pin is at least 6 months, in fact pins can resurface years later. In comparison, Facebook posts last merely 5 hours, for Instagram it's 2 days, for TikTok it's just an hour.

7. Pinterest trends last longer and grow faster than other trends on the internet.

8. 5 Times More Shopping Intent. The purchasing intent is very high on Pinterest, 90% of people come to Pinterest to shop, and have 5 times more shopping intent Vs any other social media platform

9. Pinterest users aren't price driven. 50% of users earn more than $100k per year on the US platform. They're not looking for deep discounts like with other SM platforms and marketplaces.

10. Pinterest Boards can keep conversations fresh, separate and contained to the relevant audiences Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc display your brand's content according to the time it was posted, which is difficult to manage if you're targeting multiple personals or campaigns at once. Pinterest's Pin boards allow you to simultaneously keep multiple conversations “fresh”, while also keeping them separate and contained to the relevant audiences.

11. New Features for Shoppers. Pinterest is continually innovating, and has recently introduced many cool features where marketers can unleash a vast amount of creativity to grab the attention of their target audience.

12. Trust. 70% of Pinterest users say they use the platform to find products etc they can TRUST. People trust the platform as a source of inspiration

13. For Marketers using Pinterest for business, this means focusing on content that educates, inspires and nurtures. Brands need to be conscious of not being too pushy with promotional content - people are looking for content that sparks trust.