Case Studies

Case Study #1

Monthly Views: 19 Million
Top Viral Pin Impressions: 885k

Over the space of several months, our Pinterest case study account in the beauty niche acquired 19 million views, 84k saves, and almost 108k outbound clicks. This was achieved by utilizing Youtube and trending content to rank pins highly on the Pinterest algorithm.

We are consistently writing the full-funnel performance marketing, capitalizing on key learning from a diverse user base to streamline our marketing strategies based on Google and Pinterest trends.

These are phenomenal results and we are excited to utilize our unique ranking hacks with our clients accounts.

Pinterest is the ultimate hybrid central ground platform for all channels, and by using our techniques, we are able to create a 360 cross-platform resource pool of free traffic flow.

This is powerful for SEO because the more backlinks from trusted sources, the more Pinterest will raise your ranking.


Case Study #2


Monthly Views: 400,000
Top Viral Pin Impressions: 18,000

Just 6 weeks ago, The Pinning Bees was tasked with the challenges of aggressively scaling this brand in the hair niche. Leveraging data-backed, our proprietary tool, media and creative strategies, our team scaled this brand fast by laying a solid foundation of brand building to success faster and more efficiently than any agency can.

Link to Pinterest Account
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Case Study #3


Monthly Views: 1.3 Million
Top Viral Pin Impressions: 24,000

The Pinning Bees started this live case study with my own personal Pinterest account in February '23. I am an author of kids educational books in the early learning niche.

We pushed various marketing messages and promotional content to different audiences, including the home schooling sector, parents and caregivers. Within a month, we reached the top of search results for the main keywords, dominating the top of the Pinterest feed.

Constant Testing
Static Format: 280 impressions
Pan and Zoom at .8 secs:2100 impressions
Our proprietary tools: 16,000 impressions

This testing was by utilizing the same image, what a difference the choice of pin format makes! We are excited to use our tools on clients' accounts to create a viral effect.

Audience Targeting
After realizing the hidden goldmine in the large “teachers and classrooms” niche for my brand, we decided to pivot by targeting this audience. As a result, due to the nature of this niche, my book sales received frequent large spikes in book sales. To put this into perspective, on a single day, I sold over 480 books. Overall I have gained 1 million impressions, and a 50% increase in book sales since we started marketing my books on Pinterest just several months ago. Using the right type of landing page that aligns with the ad creative that initially captures a shoppers attention will help boost its conversion.

Increased sales are expected once I start nurturing my ideal target audiences through lead generated magnet such as blogs, listicles, newsletters and free ebooks. Many Pinterest niches, including my own, offer a full funnel sales solution for every step of the shoppers journey. There are a wide variety of lead gen options available to direct warm traffic to a website with opt-ins to further increase a customer base through email marketing.

Note that a seasoned, thriving Pinterest account and a strong customer email list are very valuable assets when constructing your exit plan to sell your brand. And both work perfectly hand in hand, further capitalizing on your content Ad spend!

Case Study #4


Monthly Views: 1.3 Million
Top Viral Pin Impressions: 538,000

These results were obtained in the space of just 2/3 months, and the brand is in the jewelry niche (certain information is protected) Again, solid foundation of organic growth was built with the account, creating viral pins that weigh the boards that they're attached to very heavily. Any product pin that is attached to these viral boards, will expand its reach on Pinterest, causing a viral effect.

The account is optimized to nurture the brand's ideal target market, increase organic traffic, grow buyer intent followers with established trust with the brand, build brand recognition, and ultimately sales.

Our live case studies speak for themselves. We are a team of motivated, innovative individuals that constantly dig deep to find cost effective, but yet powerful traffic driving solutions to all eCommerce sellers.